Great Customer Service is not just important to us, it is at the core of our values. Below are some comments we’ve received from our very happy customers.

I use Healthxchange as my key supplier. I cannot fault their service. Their online pharmacy for taking orders is genius. It’s convenient, user friendly and efficient. Delivery is fast and designed to suit your needs. The sales team are always professional, helpful and personable. The pharmacy will order anything that you request and the accounts department are able to assist you where needed with accuracy. There is no need to go elsewhere, as their prices are competitive and will match any other price on the market. I would strongly recommend Aesthetic Practitioners to Healthxchange.

Marion Brown
RGN Adv Dip HE iNP

Brown's Clinic Ltd

Just wanted to say thank you for your perseverance in convincing me to use your online pharmacy to make orders for prescription products. As you know I was very reluctant to change, however I have to say that the experience is absolutely amazing, the system is so easy and so convenient, my prescribers can complete orders from the phone there is no scanning printing posting or any of that time consuming rubbish. Anyway, I won’t go on too much and just to let you know it’s an absolutely perfect system.

David Kelly

I Love Obagi Vitamin-C 15% Serum, it is my best friend,
I swear by it!

Louise Phelan

“We received the parcel this morning right on time. Now that is what I call customer service. I think a few of our other suppliers could take a learn a thing or two. Thank you for all of your help yesterday. This is why Healthxchange are my go to pharmacy. Their customer service is brilliant and you are confident that they will deliver for you.

Probably one of my favorite suppliers to be honest.”

Aine Larkin, INP, Director Younique Aesthetics

“Just FYI have had some great success with 2 of my clients on clenziderm and amazing results with nu derm with one of my melasma patients. Thank you for your help, just ordered another 3 kits today for new clients!”

Dr Yursa

“Thank you very much for the parcel. Great customer service.”


“Fab Thank you.
Wow such a weight off my mind doing it this way”


“I have just used the online ordering system for the first time…brilliant!!”


“I have no idea how many people work at Healthxchange, its probably quite a lot, but as a customer I feel like I get personal service from a small team who know me and my business.”


“I feel I receive an excellent service from Healthxchange. Staff members are very helpful and really ensure customer satisfaction.”

Box Beauty

“Keep up the excellent work. I have NEVER BEEN LET DOWN BY YOU.”

Dr Westley

“Have always been happy with service and advice received in the past, unable to think of any changes that will improve service.”


“Dear Healthxchange team
Thank you for regularly saving my bacon and for the excellent job you do.”


“Thank you, you have been most helpful, its lovely having good customer service, your pharmacy gets a 100% recommendation from me, in fact I have recently referred a practitioner to you, and she is now ordering from you.”


“Brilliant thankful so much for your support this morning really appreciate it and that’s why I always use your company rather than my other accounts Have a good day”


Very impressed by the prompt and well packaged delivery of my first order. The online ordering system was great and really easy to use too!
Thank you


“Dear Customer Service Team

I would just like to very positive feedback of the customer service that I received yesterday (Thursday 6th May 2021) from Abbie Le Huray.

Having made a sizeable order through my account (Account ID: ROM04), Abbie called me to inform me of some stock issues relating to an ordered item and gave me an option of what to do to rectify the difficulty.

I can categorically tell you that a competitor pharmacy that I use (albeit very infrequently now) absolutely does NOT do this, leading to all sorts of difficulties when expected orders do not arrive (without notification) and then automatically placing items onto back order. You guys deal with this in a far better fashion, which is very much appreciated - thank you.

After this, Abbie contacted me to say that Allergan had imposed a new delivery system for larger Toxin orders, which would have resulted in delay in the order dispatch and delivery date. This would have been unacceptable to my current clinical commitments and have had a negative impact on my service provision. Abbie understood my immediate consternation and concern and empathised with my predicament. She dealt with me calmly, with the highest level of knowledge and she was unflustered by the situation.

In essence she made an arrangement for me that I perceive as having gone ‘above and beyond’ what she had to do. All of my ordered products arrived this morning within a specified time window - so everything at my end has worked out perfectly.

Thanks Abbie, and once again thank you to HXP for your ongoing high levels of customer service and satisfaction.

Have a lovely weekend.

Best wishes


Dr Chris Rennie

“We’d like to express our heartfelt thanks to Lindsay in Customer Service for the exceptional service she gave to help us sort this issue out this morning. The delivery was successfully received, with grateful thanks.”


“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank June for all of her help earlier today to ensure my Silhouette Soft threads were delivered on time under challenging circumstances. Her customer service was absolutely superb and I’m very grateful for her help.”


“I just wanted to send you a quick email to say how wonderful Lindsay Farrington has been today, she’s literally really saved my bacon!

My skin therapist called in sick this morning for today and tomorrow and we had 2 days chocka block of envy bookings, I was in a right panic as you can imagine. I called Lindsay first thing this morning to ask if she could do some training virtually with our clinic manager so she could step in so I didn’t have to cancel all the patients booked for envy. Lindsay literally dropped everything and managed to facilitate training via zoom this afternoon and Heather our clinic manager now feels competent and has been using the Envy this afternoon. Heather said the training even though last minute was really informative and Lindsay was so very thorough.

I’ve always loved Healthxchange and this is the reason why, it’s things like this. You’re true partners not just a pharmaceutical stockist.

Thanks again and please pass on my thanks to Lindsay even though I’ve thanked her a 100 times already.”