Initiatives & Sustainability | Environmental Strategy

Here at Healthxchange Group, we continue to seek improvement in all we do. That’s why we’re constantly coming up with new initiatives to benefit our customers, as well as new, sustainable initiatives to benefit the planet. Find out more:

Improved telephone services
We heard that some people were finding it difficult to connect with us by telephone. To make it easier to speak with us, we have increased the number of lines and added a new reception service. Remember to use our UK local number 0330 995 7999, for preferential rates.

NEW: Recyclable Cold Chain Packaging
Here at Healthxchange we have a number of exciting initiatives to help do our bit for the environment. One such way, is the switch to using natural, temperature-controlled packaging over the coming weeks. Cool Wool is 100% biodegradable and compostable and better for our planet. So, look out for the new cool wool disposable pack in your next order.

How WoolCool works:

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