Obagi Medical Products

Obagi Medical products work by changing the way the skin functions at a cellular level, delivering unparalleled results. The Obagi System is comprised of a range of topical treatments developed to address a variety of skin concerns. View the full range of Obagi products below.

Transformation Systems

Prevent & Protect

  • Obagi Sun Shield Tint SPF50

    Obagi Sun Shield Tint SPF50

    • Prevent premature aging
    • Provides broad-spectrum skin protection from damaging UVA and UVB rays
    • Complete UVA & UVB protection from the sun
    • Offers defence against infrared (IR) solar radiation

    This sunscreen combines UVB and UVA protection, while helping to buff­er the skin from the heat-derived oxidation process. Developed for cool and warm skin tones, it is hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. Sheer and fragrance free. Sun Shield Tint is recommended for Fitzpatrick Skin Types I-III

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  • Sun Protection

    Sun Protection

    • Prevent premature aging
    • Preserve skin radiance & inhibit photoaging
    • Complete UVA & UVB protection from the sun
    • Micronised zinc oxide & octinoxate to protect new, younger-looking skin

    SPF30, 32 & 50, preserve skin radiance & inhibit photoaging. Excellent for outdoor activity protection, matte finish, award winning sunscreen (Obagi Sun Shield Matte), high UVB absorption & dynamic UVA protection*Hydrafactor only available as part of Obagi360

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  • Professional-C Serums

    Professional-C Serums

    • All skin types that desire antioxidant protection
    • Photodamage prevention/protection
    • Achieving lighter, brighter, softer skin

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Speciality Products