Obagi Medical Products

Obagi Medical products work by changing the way the skin functions at a cellular level, delivering unparalleled results. The Obagi System is comprised of a range of topical treatments developed to address a variety of skin concerns. Healthxchange is an approved Obagi supplier for registered customers. View the full range of Obagi products below.

Speciality Products

  • Obagi Rebalance Skin Barrier Recovery Cream

    Obagi Rebalance Skin Barrier Recovery Cream

    • Restores harmony to the skin
    • Formulated with postbiotics to help restore the skin’s microbiome
    • A solution for post-procedure skin irritation

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  • Blue Peel RADIANCE

    Blue Peel RADIANCE

    • Fine lines, wrinkles & light melasma
    • Pigmentary changes due to acne in darker skin
    • Uneven skin tone, laxity & texture issues
    • Boost outcome of other systems such as Nu-Derm, Obagi-C Rx & CLENZIderm

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  • Retinols


    • Prescription strength topical creams
    • Tretinoin is available in 0.025%, 0.05% & 0.1%
    • Retinol available in 0.5% & 1.0%

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Transformation Systems

Gift Sets & Kits

  • Obagi Men Kits

    Obagi Men Kits

    • Will cleanse, nourish, and protect skin simply and effectively
    • Carbon kit for normal to oily skin
    • Onyx kit for normal to dry skin

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  • Sun Protectors

    Sun Protectors

    • Prevent premature aging
    • Preserve skin radiance & inhibit photoaging
    • Complete UVA & UVB protection from the sun
    • Micronised zinc oxide & octinoxate to protect new, younger-looking skin

    SPF30, 32 & 50, preserve skin radiance & inhibit photoageing. Excellent for outdoor activity protection, award winning sunscreen, high UVB absorption & dynamic UVA protection

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  • Professional-C Portfolio

    Professional-C Portfolio

    • All skin types that desire antioxidant protection
    • Photodamage prevention/protection
    • Achieving lighter, brighter, softer skin

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