Thoclor GF1 Aftercare and GF2 Skin Rejuvenation

Containing Hypochlorous acid (HOCl), one of the most powerful antiseptics available, giving Thoclor GF1 and GF2 powerful healing properties.

GF1 Aftercare is an in-clinic treatment, perfect for use in treating any time a skin manipulation treatment that breaks the skin barrier takes place, including micro-wounds and to support the skin after manipulation treatments that affect the skin’s outer layer such as: needling, micro-blading, peels, laser and dermabrasion. • GF1 50 ml & 500ml 350ppm (part per million) of Hypochlorous acid

GF2 Skin Rejuvenation is a take home treatment used for long term optimising the anti-inflammatory/ anti-aging and antimicrobial effect. • GF2 100ml for home aftercare 250ppm of Hypochlorous acid

​Thoclor GF1 Aftercare

-An Aftercare Treatment for use in clinic when a skin manipulation treatment is performed

- Contains powerful disinfectant and anti-inflammatory Hypochlorous Acid, the body’s immune molecule

- Comes in a 50ml and 500ml spray bottle

- Prevents infection and speeds healing

​Thoclor GF2 Skin Rejuvenation

- A take home treatment for patients to include in their skincare regime

- Also Contains strong disinfectant and anti-inflammatory Hypochlorous Acid

- GF2 is a daily use product designed to combat inflammageing in the skin

- S​cientifically proven to rejuvenate the skin​​​​​​

- Normalises cell turn-over rate

​Thoclor GF2 Revitalising Skin Therapy

- Perfect after shaving

- Non-greasy and non-sticky

- Pairs well with existing skin products

- Heals any pesky nicks and cuts

- Soothes razor burn

- Contains strong disinfectant and anti-inflammatory hypochlorous acid