MD™ Codes: Immersive Digital Tutorial With Dr Mauricio de Maio

The Allergan Medical Institute® (AMI) is proud to bring you in-depth hands-on MD Codes™ injection training with Dr de Maio, live via their the AMI Digital World.

Please save the date for the MD Codes™ immersive digital tutorial with Dr Mauricio de Maio, Plastic Surgeon, Brazil, taking place on Thursday 12 September 2019.

The Allergan Medical Institute® (AMI) is proud to bring you in-depth hands-on MD Codes™ injection training with Dr de Maio, live via our online home, the AMI Digital World.

This interactive session will introduce you to two new MD Codes™ concepts: the 7-point Σhape for women and the 9-point Σhape for men. These concepts provide a treatment guideline for lower facial reshaping, using established MD Codes™ injection sites to volumise the cheek and sculpt the chin and jawline.

Dr de Maio will also introduce Juvéderm® VOLUX into the MD Codes™, demonstrating how and when to use this product alongside Juvéderm® VOLUMA with Lidocaine to revitalise the lower face. You will also be able to follow along and inject your own patient*.

During the tutorial, Dr de Maio will:

  • Introduce you to the 7-point Σhape and 9-point Σhape concepts
  • Review the MD Codes™ injection technique to help you implement these concepts in
  • Showcase the best-practice application of these concepts with a live patient
  • Teach you step-by-step how to inject the 7-point Σhape or 9-point Σhape concept, as

More details will be shared on how you can join and participate in this immersive digital tutorial in the coming weeks. Please ensure you are registered at to access the webinar.

Allergan Medical Institute®

*Note, clinical oversight sits with the treating clinician; they are solely responsible for treating the patient and any possible consequences. They should be prepared to complete the treatment without the live stream. Allergan have no responsibility for any treatments they carry out while streaming. Dr de Maio will show possible injection sites, techniques, products and volumes, but any treatments given are the responsibility of the treating clinician, based on their consultation with the customer. The webinar cannot be paused or rewound and Dr de Maio will not wait for participants to complete a step before continuing. The MD Codes™, MD Codes™ Equations and MD Codes™ Formulas have been developed by Dr Mauricio de Maio and all recommendations presented are based on his clinical experience. Treatment should be tailored to the individual needs of the patient. Please refer to your local prescribing information and the Direction for Use for each product. Licence terms may vary by country and responses to treatment may vary between patients.