Delivery Tracking

Delivery and tracking information for Healthxchange Pharmacy customers ordering via the e-pharmacy

You can track your order being sent by courier by having the tracking number sent directly to your mobile phone or inbox

Courier Tracking

Click on this link - have your tracking number or postcode to hand

Track Your Order

Royal Mail Tracking

Click on this link - have your tracking number to hand

Track Your Order

Want to track an order? Simply make sure you have entered an email address or mobile number to the delivery section of your e-pharmacy order.

​Tracking your Healthxchange order has never been easier! So whether you’re ordering directly to your clinic, or your patient has opted for direct-to-patient delivery, here’s how you can keep track of your delivery:

To receive notifications for deliveries going to a clinic address:

Customers need to make sure the email address and phone number fields are filled in on the chosen delivery address. To check this, simply go to the address book and select, then edit, the appropriate address:

To receive updates for deliveries going to a patient address:

Make sure orders contain the patient’s details, as well as your mobile and email address. To check or edit a patient address. click on ‘patients’ in the main navigation, then search for the patient you want to edit. Click the edit button (small blue square with a pen in it) to edit the details of the patient to include the email and phone number details:

Once you have set up tracking, your order details will be sent to you via SMS or via email. You can then use those details to track your order, directly from the courier.