Healthxchange Pharmacy is always looking to stock cutting edge Aesthetic medical devices and is proud to offer the latest multiplatform skin tightening and resurfacing device. ULTRAcel combines 3 treatment types to target and treat at variable depths of the dermis to stimulate collagen growth and tighten the skin from the inside out.

  • ULTRAcel


    We stock a full range of consumables for ULTRAcel;

    • ULTRAcel FRM, GFR & FUS Handpieces
    • ULTRAcel replacement tips & Cartridges
    • ULTRAcel Bags & Bodies
    • ULTRAcel Cap Release Jig
    • ULTRAcel Foot Switches & Handpiece Hangers
    • ULTRAcel Marking Papers, Oils & Gels
    • ULTRAcel Power Cords, Return Pads & Cables

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