Lockdown Phase 2: Pharmacy update

An update regarding our pharmacies, following the announcement of the second nation-wide UK lockdown

Dear all,

As you know pharmacies are deemed an essential service and as such we are required to continue to service the public and our clinic partners.

We already have strict measures in place to protect the workforce and, where appropriate, members of the public attending the premises.

Unfortunately we do not have control over delivery services but are working with our partners in that area to ensure medicines and essential supplies are provided in as timely a manner as possible.

We are pleased to say that the Direct to Patient Service will continue and our remote team will be happy to help any client, who wishes to use this as a new service, get up to speed.

A new training workshop is available which you may find useful: Remote Consulting: Practicing in a Pandemic is available free to all customers on demand on the Healthxchange Academy website.

Wishing all our friends, colleagues and partners a safe and speedy return to normality.

Best wishes,
John Curran

Chairman, Healthxchange Group

Our Reading Pharmacy team working hard, as always!
Our Reading Pharmacy team working hard, as always!